Give your answers to all the questions surrounding Alabama sports.

Poll: What two teams should the SEC add to make it a 16 team super conference?

Poll: Who would you like to see Alabama play in the 2012 National Championship?

Poll: At what position can a true freshman make the biggest impact in 2012?

Poll: Which Alabama player is in best position for a breakout 2012 season?

Poll: What playoff format would work best for college football?

Poll: Should Alabama and LSU meet in a BCS National Championship rematch if they both win out the rest of the season?

Poll: What is your opinion of Missouri joining the SEC?

Poll: Of the promising Heismen candidates so far this year, who gets your Heisman vote?

Poll: If conference expansion results in the loss of at least one rivalry game for Alabama, which would you be willing to lose?

Poll: Will Duron Carter ever play at Alabama?